FTW Just Jillis vom Walderkamm was born in Austria on 25.05.2012 and moved in with Claudia when he was nine weeks old.
In his pedigree English and American blood is combined.
Jillis is a cheerful fellow that loves to be cuddled and lives in harmony with almost any other dog.Not only in working with dummies but also in Field Trials he amazes with his great enthusiasm, his speed and his extraordinary will to please.Thus, he takes successfully part in working tests and Field Trials on open level. Additionally he also loved the rescue dog training.

Since 08.07.2014 Jillis is approved for breeding and available as stud dog.

Show:Very good
Behaviour test:97/99 Points
„Very cheerful 2 years old dog with best natural predisposition and excellent temperament. Secure and attentive in all situations.“
Health:HD A/A ED 0/0 DM clear NCL clear
Eyes:prcd-PRA clear by parents. GR-PRA1 / GR-PRA2 clear
PRA / HC / RD and Gonio clear (30.10.2018)